Making a Big Difference

Teaming up to boost capacity

GeddesMedicalGroup vaccine clinic
Dr. Sarah Gower and the team piloted an innovative drive-through vaccination clinic at the Elora Arena
Dr. Ryan Hartley and the team support access for everyone, no matter who they are or where they live
Dr. Leo Gnanaraj says virtual encounters with his patients have brought new benefits
Dr. Barb Zelek

Ramping up to ensure care–when and where needed

Dr. Melissa Holowaty (L) spaces out appointments so there is no overlap in the waiting room

Sharing the messages that matter

Everyone is eager to know how they can protect themselves and their loved ones from COVID-19, but many are also confused about the virus and its vaccines.


That’s why Dr. Lisa Habermehl, who practises family medicine in Red Lake, takes every opportunity to address her patients’ concerns — and her team’s generous and compassionate approach has led to impressive results as part of her community’s vaccination efforts. 


To reassure patients by providing information from a trusted source, in the primary care vaccination clinic she was able to do “short MD chats in real time for those who had appointments but still had hesitancy or wanted to be sure it was ‘ok,’” Dr. Habermehl says.


The extra effort to connect one-on-one, listen to concerns, and address those concerns proves to be well worth it: “Not one single person left without their shot.” 

Dr. Lisa Habermehl does short MD chats in real time to boost vaccine confidence